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- How could I pass the text to Gipfeltext?

- You should not bring the original text to our office. Instead, you can send it to us in an e-mail (to the e-mail address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) by attaching Your text in Ms Word or PDF format. You can send scanned texts as well. We will send you the translated work in the same format (or - for Your special requirement – in printed form, or in any other format). You can make the money transfer comfortably from Your account, and we send the bill in a postal letter to Your address.

- How can I be sure that my text(s) will be translated?

- This is our profession. In addition, You just have to pay after we finished. With this method, we can make the process of ordering even faster.

- What should I do if I need the translation for tomorrow?

- Do not worry, just call us. We will be about to translate the text for the next day - You can make it sure by calling us on telephone. Furthermore, if our translators are not very busy on the given day, Your translation will be ready just in a few hours - if needed, of course.

- Can I write off the translation fee from the taxable income?

- Yes, according to our account it is possible to write off the translation fee from the taxable income (as expenses).


- Why should I turn to a translation office if it is possible to translate with my computer too?

- The process of translation is very complex. The modern techniques (e.g. translator softwares) on the internet are still not able to produce as professional, realistic and understandable translations as professional translators. In addition, translator softwares produce big lexical and semantic mistakes in many cases. (You can read further information about it in section “Translation methods” and “Modern methods of translation”.)

What is the most important view about a translation office?