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24th November, 2009.


In the morning one of our translators rendered on a general assembly. It was quite a high standard program.


21st-22nd November, 2009.

New impulse – new style – new logo – new webpage

Affected by the first successes, we have decided to reorganize our enterprise on new bases. (Of course, we had made several economic calculations before.)

Our team has managed to create the new logo with the TV-tower of Pécs on it (shortly will be on this webpage), and the idea of a new name and the slogan of our translation bureau has also been born.

"Gipfeltext translation bureau – The quality translation"

"Gipfeltext – Hungarian translation? Simply the best!"

It gives a youthfully impulsive new image and differs us from our competitors.

Our bureau needs a name like this because our main task is to translate professional texts. The word „Gipfel” in German means „peak” - which in a figurative sense means „the best quality”. Moreover, the EU-conferences are called in German "EU-Gipfel", so the phrase "Gipfeltext" is commonly used. Therefore, we have quickly grabbed and reserved this name as our domain-name.

Since then we have been developing our homepage and we hope, that our work will be popular among our potential clients. We would like to create a comfortable, entertaining, practicable and well structured webpage with the help of our interactive solutions.

We would like to emphasize here our thanks to Dániel Pálmai for his brilliant work!


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