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Our translators often use modern technical apart like personal computers and they also use the internet very often. However, this does not mean that any software and/or machines can replace professional translators. Therefore, we call this method Computer Aided Translation (CAT) – and not simply Computer Translation.

For example, the Trados MultiTerm software makes the technical and other specialized terms’ systematization and searching easy (together with their exact definitions). This can help us to use those terms consequently and logically.

With topics similar to the translated ones, the internet makes us able to control the use of special terms as well as to improve the quality of the translated products.

Computer makes it possible to offer you well-constructed texts - which in style and appearance are very similar to the original ones.

Finally, You could probably never find our services without our interactive home page. It makes you possible to order, send, receive and pay on internet. That’s how You can save time, energy and money.

Our translators mustn’t do translations aided only by software to our clients and business partners because the technical level is not enough to create proper, grammatically and stylistically correct translations just with the use of software products.

With the help of the modern techniques, our translators try to make the quality even better - and our aim is to do so without lengthening the time spent on the same amount of work.

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