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Our workers have a wide range of experiences in field of translating and interpretation technical, legal and economics texts. We have translated contracts, official documents (e. g. certificates), testimonies, standard descriptions, technical plans, orders and business letters as well.

We have been translators in several situations - from general assemblies to business negotiations. We are capable of communicating with Your business partners also on telephone, so You do not need to travel abroad, if not necessary. You can save a lot of time and money by this.

Our German-Hungarian translators possess a master degree of translation, and they are certificated translators. Your text will be an official translation this way. (But, in some cases the Hungarian authorities may ask for the translation of the OFFI*. It is useful to ask, whether it is required or not - because of the big price difference.) The other translators have advanced language exams and varied experiences in field of translation. Moreover, most of them spent some time abroad, which can be very helpful during the translation process.

You can trust our translators: we oblige are workers to keep all Your business secrets - in all cases. (The experience list above does not include any details because of this fact.)



*Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation



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