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In our point of view the good translation must be proper, precise and understandable – all in all: professional. To do so, adequate professional and language knowledge and enough time are needed. In our translation office all of them can be found.

To reach top quality, we use printed dictionaries and electronic softwares, terminology lists, spelling dictionaries and parallel texts of different specialized books and the internet, too.

The characteristics of foreign languages (e. g. word order, expressions, idioms, letter form, dialects) are very different from that of the Hungarian. Sciences like contrastive linguistic or sociolinguistic deal with these questions. Therefore, a good translator should have adequate qualifications and experiences. They must be fully aware of the mentioned characteristics and their application. You will surely meet all of these qualities if you choose our office.

Top quality translations are capable of developing Your image. That’s the way how we can contribute to Your successes.



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